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My parents have always encouraged me to be different. I remember when my mom would take me shopping for clothes. She would tell me to pick out what I liked, then ask me item by item why I liked it and what I would wear it with. If I liked something just because all the other girls were wearing it, she made me put it back and would ask, "why would you want to be like everyone else?"

I came to not only appreciate unique pieces but to seek them out, and that's why offering one of a kind looks is at the heart of Twelve30 Connection. I want you to enjoy standing out of the crowd, and a great way to do that is with accessories. Check out the exclusive jewelry pieces of the Tribal Print EDIT and add some extraordinary to your everyday looks.

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  • Yosha on

    Thank you! I hope you all enjoy!

  • Helen R. Williams on

    I am like your mom, I am very proud of you, keep the good work up.

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